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Top Soil

$35.00 per yard

Introducing Mulch Wizards’ high-quality top soil, the perfect foundation to invigorate your garden’s health and enhance its beauty.

Black Color Enhanced

$43.00 per yard

Double processed hardwood mulch eco-friendly and pet friendly double processed color enhanced hardwood for a long lasting look.

Brown Color Enhanced

$41.00 per yard

Our most popular color enhanced eco-friendly and pet friendly hardwood mulch option. Double processed color enhanced hardwood.

Red Color Enhanced

$43.00 per yard

Double processed hardwood mulch with a rich color of red to add brightness to your landscape. Eco-friendly and pet friendly.

Double Processed – Organic

$30.00 per yard

A very fine mulch mix that spreads out smoothly on the ground. All natural hardwood mulch.

Triple Processed Bark

$48.00 per yard

Composted to provide the benefits of its natural nutrients. All natural hardwood mulch that has been shredded three times.

Playground Mulch

$31.00 per yard

Perfect for play areas, meeting safety guidelines. Looks like a blend of shredded hardwood and chips.